La Loba, A Reading


Wildish was an independent art show that featured two After Hours Art Collective artists and four other independent artists. The theme was for each artist to create a piece that focused on the wild nature of woman and her realities that she faces of the modern world.


Liza studied tarot as well as folklore and did self-exploration for the relationship woman-kind has with nature. She created an interactive exhibit, where individuals could interact with the objects on display, have space to reflect, get a personalized tarot reading—all while viewing La Loba, A Reading, animated art piece designed to play on a loop.


Artist, Illustrator, Researcher, Animator, Tarot Reader


Wildish by Miranda Harincar

Animator - Anna Faught

The Exhibits:
For Hecate - Miranda Harincar
Wild Space Within Us - Anna Faught
On Creation - Shelby Dillon
Lust - Marta de la  Parra Prieto
The Fool's Journey: Solo - Liz DeYoe
La Loba, A Reading - Liza Goncharova

Research & Exploration

La Loba: A Reading, tells the story of a young woman’s journey through self-discovery and familiarization with her inner instinctual wild woman, or La Loba (she-wolf), through the viewer's interpretation of the tarot cards depicting her journey. Inspired by the interpretation of Mexican folklore of "La Loba" by Clarissa Pinkola Estés in Women Who Run With The Wolves, this piece is a reflection of the artist’s own meditation of this rendezvous of the ego and the inner wild spirit. She experimented with various styles and symbols before finding the winning combination.

Illustration Close-Ups

The Story

Beginning the journey with the "Hanged Man," a woman, naked and removed from all modern and civilized elements, falls into an abyss, where she is forced to face her inner wolf head-on. The strength card symbolizes the merging of the two halves to make La Loba. Only with vulnerability can true strength be found. And the final card in this past-present-future spread, is the High Priestess. Our hero, reconnected with her other half, now carries the deep wisdom that all of us have, but have may lost our connection to.


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