Strategically Balanced


Expand the Krill Strategies visual identity for an animated and live action educational video course. The goal was to design characters and elements to integrate into the existing brand elements and iconography. In addition to establishing the art direction, I was brought on to identify and illustrate key complex segments and visual elements to tie the live action and stock photography with animation.


Concepted, storyboarded, designed
and animated 11 minutes of animation to provide visual interest and clarity throughout the hour long course. Visual hierarchy was established to make the complex information easier to digest. To keep it relatable, characters were introduced to help visualize the nuances and sensitivities of the discussed mental health and behavioral topics.


Art Director, Graphic Designer, Character Designer, Character Animator, Motion Graphics Artist, Animator and Illustrator.


Blue Moon Productions
For Krill Strategies

Producer, Director & Editor
John Dehn

End Client & Content
Patrick Krill

Animation Compilation


Art Direction

The Concept

Right away, I wanted to be mindful of how to depict the experienced nuances of the discussed mental health and behavioral topics. To provide visual depth and clarity to the audience, I decided on using a combination of thin linework, subtle gradients, organic flat shapes and light grain shading. Colors and backdrops based on and expanded from Krill Strategies greens and blues were designed to adjust based on moods without sacrificing any warmth. Due to the dense material, character animation was designed to be limited while using camera motions and surrounding elements to help tell the story. Characters zoomed out have less detail, but when the expression or details become the focal point, more detail appears.


Style Frames & Style Guide

Storyboard Excerpts


Stills from Video

Strategically Balanced Promotional Trailer

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