Cardiovascular Story


Create an animation style that integrates characters in with the Allina Health Brand. The video needed to be created within a limited timeframe and budget.


Blended the existing brand elements with a friendly, new character style that would further develop the Allina Health brand.


Art director, character designer, character animator, motion designer, graphic designer.


Client: GoKart for Allina Health

Art Director - Anna Faught
Animators - Anna Faught, Shelby Pearson
Storyboard Artist - Anna Faught

Style Exploration

Allina Health needed a way to integrate character animation into the existing brand. To do so, we explored various styles that would radiate friendliness, hope, and care—all while sharing an emotional story of a cardiovascular emergency. The direction worked as a collage of the elements together. Line art based characters with limited animation to help line up with the client's needs for budget and turn-around time.

The Character Designs

The Final Video


Using Format