Phantom of the Heart Zine


Take a hit song from the 80's and create an WLW art piece or comic for the Time After Time Zine. The Zine, stickers and more to be available on Kickstarter. For all the pieces to fit together, we needed to adhere to a palette provided by the creators of the zine and find creative ways to use very striking colors.


Inspired by the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler, Liza wrote and designed a 4-page comic to shed some light on the toxicity of power dynamics in relationships, as well as the lingering abuse that often comes from that. She designed bonus stickers with each Character Design in addition.


Story creator, Writer, Illustrator, Colorist, Layout 


Catstealers Zines

Zine Director - Nicole Cucinella

+ Many More Artists (featuring 15+ illustrations, 10 comics, 4 mini bonus prints)


16 years old, Human


(She/Her and They/Them)
Lost count of age after 300, Vampire


17 years old, Human


17 years old, Human

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