After Hours Art Collective


A group of like-minded professional artists, together with some of their closest peers, wanted to curate opportunities to collaborate with one another during the off hours outside of work. Thus, the After Hours Art Collective was born. Whether it was jumping on a group voice chat to stay motivated in the wee hours of night, or creating zines for charity, the goal was simple. They wanted to support each other and reach heights they never thought possible on their own, however small the steps were to get there.

Officially founded in late 2018 by artists Allison Howle, Anna Faught, Kelsey Dutton, Shelby Pearson, Kalyn Charest, and Liza Goncharova, the AHC is dedicated to facilitating growth. Through promotion, collaboration, diversity and support, the AHC is a community and a tool to help artists find their collective voice and contribute to new and exciting ventures. The project scope was to establish a logo, brand standards, social media imagery, website and merchandise that could be sold to help fund the group. The biggest challenge we faced was how to stand apart in a sea of art collectives, without overshadowing the artwork showcased?

By sticking to a neutral color palette, minimal design, and a unique mark, we were able to find a solution.

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After Hours Art Collective
Anna Faught
Shelby Pearson
Liza Goncharova, Allison Howle,
Anna Faught, Shelby Pearson,
Kelsey Dutton and Kalyn Charest
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